Every year we celebrate National Heroes day, and yet we realized that almost no other Indonesian student in our school acknowledged this significant date and made us begin to fear that the cultural and nationalistic connection within the younger generation is slowly but constantly diminishing. As Indonesians, we have a basic responsibility to take care of our beloved country and thus improve the welfare of our people. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is the phrase that president Soekarno and Vice President Bung Hatta officially announced as our national motto which translates to ‘Unity in Diversity’. It is from our diversity – Chinese indonesian, Balinese, Batak, Sundanese, Papuan – that we can finally create a truly synergic, sustainable and formidable nation.

Indonesia Raya, the national anthem, is the glue and identity which holds us Indonesians together, moreover we strongly believe that it is a necessity for all Indonesians to have a strong connection with this vivacious and venerated Hymn of nationalism. As a result, we created this theme and conference with the primary intention of reviving the dilapidating cultural nationalism in which unfortunately most younger generation Indonesians are not proud of, and as a result implement it into becoming a more internationally accepting society as well.