Elaine Kusuma


Elaine Kusuma is a senior at the British School Jakarta,  who thinks that our existence is more than a position – it’s about having the ability to create a connection with people and have the power to make a difference. Furthermore, Elaine is very passionate, determined and ambitious towards the Business world, aiming to be an entrepreneur who is keen to listen to new inventive business ideas that prioritises the society first. She believes that we living in a society where we are fighting poverty, disease, war, child labour, human trafficking and so much more, yet our biggest fight and the root of so many issues comes from inability to find constructive solution towards these problems. Therefore, she enjoys creating organizations that will benefit the society and help those who are in need. With IME, she is convinced that it will give rise to younger generations to get inspired and guide them to achieve a better, productive future.



Jakub Hotěk

Vice President & the evenings host

Jakub is currently a Senior in the British School of Jakarta with a strong passion in business and sports. He has travelled around the world competing in international football competitions, however due to an injury, he has decided to leave his Premier League Team in the Czech republic, and follow his parents to Indonesia where he will focus his efforts on gaining knowledge to one day make his entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Thus far he has been part of several conferences in hosted by Markplus Inc. along with a short internship in their Jakarta’s office.

His altruistic nature, which has especially developed during his stay in Indonesia, has resulted in him helping build a school on the Indonesian island of Sumba in conjunction with the Happy Hearts Fund.

Jakub believes that, with developments in its infrastructure and economy, Indonesia has the potential to become the capital of future innovation, not just in financial technologies, but across multiple industries. Therefore, he hopes that by hosting the IME conference, he will be able to educate and encourage the youth of Jakarta, allowing them to valuably contribute to the Indonesian society.


Omar Risjad

Vice President

Omar Risjad is currently an IB senior studying in the British School of Jakarta (BSJ). He mainly focuses on Business subject and is pursuing his dreams to be a successful entrepreneur. As an Indonesian, his main goal is to make his home place a better place and to be able to inspire others. He tries to achieve this by communicating with the people around him in hopes of inspiring them to more determined and knowledgeable. He’s currently partaking in Project Hope, which is a NGO (Non-Profit Organization) and its goal is to provide kids that are in orphanages the feeling of happiness, by interacting them showing that the students in BSJ appreciates their existence and happiness. He hopes through IME, this it will provide him with more insight to managing, skill to collaborate, and to communicate with different social groups. He hopes to inspire the people of Indonesia in hopes to provide them with a better future.





The evenings hostess

Diandra Hadisurjo is a 17 year old senior student from British School Jakarta, currently in the midst of doing her IB diploma. She is focused on being able to expand knowledge and understand different perspectives on different areas of knowledge. She has a huge passion in providing kids with the opportunity of education especially on the conservation of the environment, leading us to a better and more sustainable future. Diandra balances work and leisure to be able to develop experience to help her adapt with the ever changing social environment. Diandra wants to be able to provide people with guidance in the form of creativity, business and problem solving. She hopes through this experience to build on her skill to collaborate with different individuals and hopes that society can move forward into a more acceptable, daring world where voices are heard.





Ramadan is currently a senior at the British School of Jakarta, particularly studying business and psychology. He has developed a strong passion for inspiring and guiding the Indonesian youth, as well as a keen interest in preserving the environment. He aspires to make a significant impact through partaking in the service projects, Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Building Literacy. Ramadan regularly partakes in music, as he
is a member of the band known as New Decay, being an advocate for the youth and hopefully inspiring people through music. Ramadan hopes that the IME Conference can be a platform that inspires people and further moves our nation forward.





Benjamin House

Benjamin House is a senior student in the IB diploma, currently studying at the British School of Jakarta (BSJ). Ben’s diverse passion among the subjects opens up possibilities and increases his determination and driving force to achieve his dream of achieving success. Ben’s family is a mixture of Australian and Indonesian, growing up in Jakarta for the majority of his life has given Ben a close connection with the two therefore having a constant will to make his hometown a better place. Ben aspires to be an inspirational figure while staying humble amongst society, with this in mind he has contributed in projects ranging from working with kids to transforming his school into a plastic free institution.  By joining IME Ben is able to furthermore develop his skills as well as inspire the youth to do good to the society as they are the next generation and are responsible for their children’s futures.